The cream contains a specially designed antioxidant formula, which provides a threefold anti-aging effect by regenerating, protecting and healing the skin at cell level, thus ensuring deep moisturisation and nourishment. The cream is ideal for fighting against the aging of the skin.


Contains astaxanthin, which is the strongest and purest naturally occurring antioxidant, shea butter, cocoa butter, rosehip extract, sea buckthorn oil, and vitamin E, providing powerful protection for the skin against oxidative stress, treating inflammation and micro-traumas, improving the general condition of the skin, warding off aging of the skin, including the formation of pigmentation spots.


Astaxanthin – the strongest naturally occurring antioxidant and free radical “catcher”. Free radicals cause lipid peroxidation in the outermost epidermal layer (stratum corneum) impeding the natural protective barrier function of the skin.  Astaxanthin is absorbed in the skin where it protects all epidermal layers against damage from free radicals. Astaxanthin helps reduce loss of moisture, promotes cell regeneration, skin elasticity and smoothness.


Shea butter – provides fatty acids and nutrients necessary for collagen synthesis. It moisturises, nourishes and smooths out the skin. Shea butter has healing qualities. 


Cocoa butter – nourishes, moisturises and rejuvenates the skin, protects against peeling. It has a calming effect on sensitive skin. Cocoa butter has antioxidative properties.


Rose hip extract – a wonderful source of vitamin C with healing qualities. It is used to treat eczema and dermatitis. Quickly absorbed, it restores moisture to the skin and creates a natural protective layer. 


Sea buckthorn oil – quickly heals scars and treats skin conditions.


Vitamin E – a fat-soluble antioxidant with protective and healing properties. It not only treats sun-damaged skin, but also protects it against the harmful effects of sun rays. It accelerates cell regeneration and is ideal for warding off aging of the skin.


The high concentration of the natural antioxidants astaxanthin lends the cream a pinkish hue.


The product does not contain preservatives, colourants, gluten, nickel or parabens.



After washing the hands or before bed:


  1. Wash your hands and apply the cream.
  2. Massage the backs of your hands against one another.
  3. Massage each finger.
  4. Place your palms together crossing your fingers and massage your hands.
  5. Massage the space in between the thumb and index finger.
  6. Massage the back of the hand and the palm.

For the maximum effect we recommend using the cream along with the LYL ASTAXANthin dietary supplement, which provides the body with comprehensive protection at cell level.


This is a natural product, therefore, in the event of redness, uncomfortable tingling or a burning sensation, wash the product off with clean water and discontinue use.


Made in Latvia for order by SIA pharm&med.
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